2017 premier league home and away tables

Chelsea were the 2016-2016 Premier League champions, beating Tottenham hotspur by 7 points. Spurs had a better goal difference having scored 1 more than Chelsea and they conceded 7 less. But Spurs had a run of draws during the season that cost them points, Chelsea won 30 of their 38 games, drawing just 3 times while Tottenham won 26 and drew 8, Spurs needs to convert 4 of their 8 draws into wins and we would have seen a different result.

Below are the standard league tables and adjusted tables for games plat at home and away:

all games

2Tottenham Hotspur38268486266086
3Manchester City38239680394178
6Manchester United381815554292569
9AFC Bournemouth381210165567-1246
10West Bromwich Albion38129174351-845
11West Ham United38129174764-1745
12Leicester City38128184863-1544
13Stoke City381111164156-1544
14Crystal Palace38125215063-1341
15Swansea City38125214570-2541
18Hull City3897223780-4334

home advantage

Spurs were without doubt the dominant home side in 2017, they were the only side unbeaten at home during the campaign and finished top of the Home Games adjusted table. The figures in brackets show the finishing league positions of each team.

1Tottenham Hotspur (2)1917204793853
2Chelsea (1)19170255173851
3Arsenal (5)19143239162345
4Everton (7)19134242162643
5Liverpool (4)19125245182741
6Manchester City (3)19117137172040
7Leicester City (12)1910453125634
8Manchester United (6)19810126121434
9Burnley (16)1910362620633
10AFC Bournemouth (9)199463529631
11West Bromwich Albion (10)199282722529
12Hull City (18)198472835-728
13Watford (17)198472529-428
14Swansea City (15)198382734-727
15Stoke City (13)197662424027
16West Ham United (11)197481931-1225
17Southampton (8)196671721-424
18Crystal Palace (14)1962112425-120
19Middlesbrough (19)194691723-618
20Sunderland (20)1935111634-1814

*Unofficial table, just an estimate based on our calculations, NOT the official Premier League table

on the road

Chelsea were the top travelling side of the 2017-2018 Premiership season, the league runners up Tottenham could only manage 5th place in the adjusted away games league table.

1Chelsea (1)19133330161442
2Manchester City (3)19122543222138
3Liverpool (4)1910543324935
4Manchester United (6)19105428171135
5Tottenham Hotspur (2)1996439172233
6Arsenal (5)1993738281030
7Southampton (8)196492427-322
8Crystal Palace (14)1963102638-1221
9West Ham United (11)195592833-520
10Everton (7)194692028-818
11Stoke City (13)1945101732-1517
12West Bromwich Albion (10)193791629-1316
13AFC Bournemouth (9)1936102038-1815
14Swansea City (15)1942131836-1814
15Watford (17)1933131539-2412
16Leicester City (12)1924131738-2110
17Sunderland (20)1931151335-2210
18Middlesbrough (19)1917111030-2010
19Burnley (16)1914141335-227
20Hull City (18)191315945-366

*Unofficial table, just an estimate based on our calculations, NOT the official Premier League table