premier league swingometer 2017

With the elections looming, the Swingometer is very topical at the moment. The graphs show how teams have improved or slumped against their previous season's performance.

This seasons has seen HUGE swings! Chelsea have climbed Everest while Leicester City have plummeted into a deep pit with their change of manager can a change in fortune and their win over Liverpool in February saved them from what many thought was certain relegation. Before that game they were down in 17th place and a loss that day would have sent them into the bottom 3.

The 2017 champions Chelsea registered an 86% increase in points over their 2016 result, whilst Leicester the champions of the 2016 season recorded a 46% drop in points. The goal difference swings are huge, Chelsea up by 46 and Leicester down by 47 - a combined goal difference swing of 103 goals!

The following two graphs show the Points Percentage swings and the Goal Dfiffernce swings, from the 2016 season to the 2017 season, the full tables can be seen on our 2017 Swingometer page

points percentage swing

goal difference swing

All the other swings and dives - posts, goals, goals against, goal difference etc. can be seen on our final 2017 Swingometer page: