transfer fee madness

Transfer fees have skyrocketed bigly, Manchester City recently paid a massive £50m plus add-ons for Tottenham Hotspur's defender Kyle Walker. £50m for a 27 year old defender? They have also splashed out around £50m on Left-Back Benjamin Mendy who they brought from Monaco. £100m for a pair of defenders is more than most Premier league teams are worth in total. Even with the windfall TV money there are few clubs that can afford to spend these staggering amounts. Add in Silva, Emerson, Danilo and Luiz (Douglas) and City have so far splurged £205m this transfer season!

Jose Mourinho thinks these ridiculously high transfer fees are a danger to the game:

I don’t think it will ever kill the big clubs because the big clubs will always have the potential and conditions to produce this kind of money and not to be in problems. I think some other clubs, there will be problems when they realise that the money that is coming in and is going out and I also think that the financial fair play authorities, they have big work to do. Big work to do because probably there are some strategies of disguise but I have to believe that the financial fair play is going to have difficult work to do.

wonky playing field

The playing field is not level. Do we really want a handful of teams to be so far ahead of the competition that we have in effect a 6 team league, with the top teams thumping the lower sides like in Spain? The UK Premier League is special because there are no easy games, any side can have its day and beat one of the big six.

Allowing the spending frenzy to carry on, pricing smaller clubs out of the market could turn the Premier League into a 'demonstration' football league, with only the top clubs actually competing and routinely hammering the minnows.