Premier League Champions by Season

2019 Manchester City38322495237298
2018 Manchester City3832421062779100
2017 Chelsea38303585335293
2016 Leicester City382312368363281
2015 Chelsea38269373324187
2014 Manchester City382756102376586
2013 Manchester United38285586434389
2012 Manchester City38285593296489
2011 Manchester United382311478374180
2010 Chelsea382756103327186
2009 Manchester United38286468244490
2008 Manchester United38276580225887
2007 Manchester United38285583275689
2006 Chelsea38294572225091
2005 Chelsea38298172155795
2004 Arsenal382612073264790
2003 Manchester United38258574344083
2002 Arsenal38269379364387
2001 Manchester United38248679314880
2000 Manchester United38287397455291
1999 Manchester United382213380374379
1998 Arsenal38239668333578
1997 Manchester United382112576443275
1996 Manchester United38257673353882
1995 Blackburn Rovers42278780394189
1994 Manchester United422711480384292
1993 Manchester United422412667313684

*Unofficial tables, based on our calculations, NOT the official Premier League tables

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