cost of being a football fan

We covered the ridiculous cost of watching football on screen in our other post today: Illegal streaming due to extortionate prices now we are going to get grumpy about the cost of going to real life games.

Now is the time of year that loyal fans are told how much of their hard earned cash is going to be snatched form their hands for their season tickets. If you are an Arsenal fan you are going to need a minimum £891 of spare change to go and see your team at the Emirates. West Ham fans are the luckiest London fans as their tickets start at £289, there is a lot of debate about taxpayers subsidising the London Stadium, but we won't go there - yet!

family game?

Most fans are not lucky enough or rich enough to be able to get a season ticket and have to make do with buying their tickets on a match by match basis and they will have to shell out up to £100 for a single ticket! Of course many games are cheaper, probably about £40 on average, but if you follow a London club and want to see a top game then you will be paying £70 and more. Taking two children to a single top London game, transport costs, buying programmes, a couple of drinks and a pie, you have to have a pie, is going to cost you well over two hundred quid!

twenty is plenty

Twenty is plenty for all match tickets we reckon. The cost of going to a top Premiership game is ridiculous. Most people can not afford to attend regularly, prices of £70 and upwards are not uncommon and you will need to be a paid member of a club to stand a chance of getting a ticket if you are not a season ticket holder (also too expensive!) Taking your children to a football match used to be a great family day out, these days you would be lucky to see any change fro £200!

Football is about atmosphere and the passion of the fans, there is a real danger of the game becoming a corporate event or a day out for tourists.

2017-18 season ticket costs

These are the prices for the cheapest season ticket at each Premiership club.

West Ham£289
Manchester City £299
West Brom £380
Newcaslte £392
Watford £403
Brighton £475
Crystal Palace£500
Manchester United£532
Bournemouth £550
Liverpool £685
Tottenham £695

above or below average

The average lowest season ticket price for the 2017-2018 season is £463. Some of these tickets include cup games so comparing them is a bit iffy, but let's do it anyway! The 3rd column below shows the amount in pounds above or below the average, the 4th column shows the percentage.

TeamPriceAvg + -Avg%
Huddersfield£199 -278-58%
West Ham£289 -184-39%
Stoke£294 -178-38%
Manchester City £299 -173-37%
Burnley£329 -141-30%
Leicester£380 -88-19%
West Brom £380 -88-19%
Newcaslte £392 -75-16%
Watford £403 -64-14%
Swansea£419 -47-10%
Everton£420 -46-10%
Brighton £475 123%
Crystal Palace£500 398%
Manchester United£532 7216%
Southampton£541 8218%
Bournemouth £550 9120%
Chelsea£595 13930%
Liverpool £685 23352%
Tottenham £695 24454%
Arsenal£891 450102%

The differences are not calculated against the £463 overall average, we have to remove each team and work out the average of all the others or the the big money teams would pile the average up and the cheap clubs would drag it down. As an example the average price of non-Arsenal season tickets is £441, so a season ticket for the Emirates will cost you 102% more than the average!