premier league tv money 2017

The huge £5.14 billion - that 's a lot of zeros - £5,400,000,000 pot of TV rights money was doshed out by the Premier League and the amounts are staggering. Sunderland, dismal failures in the league, relegated after winning just 6 of their 39 Premiership matches earned a whisker short of £100 million. Loads Of Money!

Each team in the Premier League received a basic £84.4 million and this amount was enhanced based on the team's finishing position and how many times their matches were shown on TV, so even though manchester City finished below Tottenham Hotspur they received more TV money because they were on the telly more often!

How the money was allocated (£ millions):

TeamShare (£m)
Manchester City£149.40
Tottenham Hotspur£148.50
Manchester United£143.60
AFC Bournemouth£123.80
West Bromwich Albion£120.00
West Ham United£121.90
Leicester City£120.90
Stoke City£113.30
Crystal Palace£115.20
Swanseaa City£109.50
Hull City£103.70
Sunderland £99.90

Obviously there is also a few extra quid for the teams competing in Europe!

fans being fleeced?

With this sort of money being thrown at the Premier League clubs, we are starting to question why the cost of Premiership tickets is so high. In our recent article The Cost Of Being A Premier League Fan we looked at the cost of season tickets, and for the 'Big Clubs' who are also the teams getting the biggest slices of the TV money pie these prices are too high. Manchester City are the exception, their season ticket prices are reasonable with a lowest price of £299, but questions could be asked about where their money comes from, and we might just look into that in a future article.

Why is it that in Germany you can buy a season ticket for Bayern Munich for the cost of a single match ticket in the UK? Football in the UK has changed from being a club system, where season ticket holders were also shareholders. UK teams are no longer clubs but corporations that exist to make as much money as possible for their wealthy owners. But as long as us fans continue to pay the ridiculously high Sky and BT subscription fees and stump up daft amounts of money to go and see Premier League football the situation will not change.

We liked the good old days, kids could just turn up to a First Division match, pay sixpence and be passed down to the front of the stands. A bag of chestnuts and a cup of Bovril at half time and a long walk home because you'd spent your bus fare on a program which cost thruppence.

Season tickets / TV Money

Just for fun. let's have a look at the number of season tickets each club would need to sell to match the amount of TV money they received last season. This puts into context just how much money the clubs are getting and how small the amount of money they make from loyal fans who turn up every week to support their team is. Even Arsenal who are the most expensive of all the premier league teams would need to sell 160,000 tickets at their lowest price of £891, Manchester City would have to sell over half a million!

Manchester City£149.40£289516,955
West Ham United£121.90£289421,799
Stoke City£113.30£294385,374
Leicester City£120.90£380318,158
West Bromwich Albion£120.00£380315,789
Manchester United£143.60£532269,925
Swanseaa City£109.50£419261,337
Crystal Palace£115.20£500230,400
AFC Bournemouth£123.80£550225,091
Tottenham Hotspur£148.50£695213,669