greatest all time strikers

Who is number one and who are the challengers for the crown of best all time Premier League goal scorer?

Alan Shearer - 260 goals, MPG 147

If we were to just take the number of goals scored then the top all time goal scorer is Alan Shearer. He scored 260 goals in 38,231 minutes playing time in the Premier League. Shearer was 'old school' he only played for two Premier League sides - Blackburn Rovers (112 goals) and Newcastle United (148 goals). Will the players chasing his enormous goal tally stay in the Premier League long enough to catch him or will they like so many top players end up in the top Spanish sides?

Sergio Aguero - 165 goals, MPG 108

Aguero has scored 165 goals, 95 short of Shearer's total, but his MPG (minutes per goal) is the best we are ever likely to see in the Premier League, His playing time of 17,867 minutes gives him an MPG of just 108. He is now 31 years old and is currently scoring around 20 goals per season, so he would need to play for another 5 seasons to have a chance of matching Alan Shearer's total. All Aguero's goals have been scored while playing for Manchester City.

Harry Kane - 127 goals, MPG 115

Kane is 133 goals short of Shearer, but he is only 26 years old so with his past 5 season average goal tally of 24 he could be the one take the crown from the current king. 5 or 6 seasons of his best form would do the job!

Minutes Per Goal

A fairer way of deciding who gets to wear the crown could be Minutes Per Goal. Our 'Premier League Super Strikers Table' shows 5 players currently in the Premier League in the top 10, Alan Shearer is way down the list in 13th place. I cannot see Aguero's MPG of 108 being caught , but I also though that Ronaldo's Golden Boot season in 2008 when he scored 31 goals with an astonishing MPG of 88 would never be caught - Harry Kane beat that top season striker MPG with 29 goals in the 2016 season, recording an MPG of 87!

The top four in the all time MPG list are all current Premiership players:

Player Goals Minutes MPG
Sergio Aguero16517,867108
Harry Kane12714,725115
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang333,880117
Mohamed Salah576,803119

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