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Welcome to the Swingometer page. On this page we will compare how Premier League teams are doing this season against their results from the same number of games last season.

There are only seventeen teams included here because there are three teams newly promoted from the Championship - Brighton, Newcastle and Huddersfield, we can't compare their results against last season as that would be checking kippers against custard!

Like our Incremental Statistics section we only compare results when ALL the teams have played the same number of games, so you might have to wait a while if your team has played a game or two more than other Premiership teams.

We have split the graphs into four sections - Points, Goals Scored, Goals Conceded and Goal Difference.

Points Percentage

Points - Total

Goals Scored - Percentage

Goals Scored - Total

Goals Against - Percentage

Goals Against - Total

Goal Difference - Percentage

Goal Difference - Total

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