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Referee statistics summary from 2001

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2nd Yellows

Red Cards

How many red cards did your favourite referee hand out? This table shows all the yellow cards, second yellow cards leading to dismissals and straight red cards handed out by Premier League officials from the 2001 season. We don't have the data going back to the start of the Premiership in 1993, but we have 18 years and counting - 7340 Premiership games analyzed so far

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2nd Yellows

Red Cards

Current (this season and last) Referees

All Premiership game history for current referees

NameGamesYellow2 YellowRedPointsPts Match
1Mike Dean4931835485222394.542
2Peter Bankes290094.5
3Jonathan Moss1505471696404.267
4Craig Pawson1394809145774.151
5Anthony Taylor23882912179503.992
6Martin Atkinson3891313253215483.979
7Kevin Friend21174211118303.934
8Andre Marriner3181029272812503.931
9Stuart Attwell100339483913.91
10Michael Oliver24277911239273.831
11Lee Mason267836132610053.764
12Chris Kavanagh49166221823.714
13Roger East91291463333.659
14David Coote165210553.438
15Graham Scott57152451893.316
16Lee Probert18145411195823.215
17Paul Tierney64191122043.188
18Simon Hooper123100312.583
19Andy Madley61400142.333
20Oliver Langford110011.0

All Referees

NameGamesYellow2 YellowRedPointsPts Match
1Mike Riley20577319269604.683
2Mike Dean4931835485222394.542
3Peter Bankes290094.5
4Phil Dowd3101105224213814.455
5Rob Styles21169424319214.365
6Barry Knight631893152734.333
7Jonathan Moss1505471696404.267
8Graham Barber81283973454.259
9Eddie Wolstenhome227223934.227
10Andy D' Urso9931413134184.222
11Clive Wilkes2998141214.172
12Steve Bennett242826341610084.165
13Craig Pawson1394809145774.151
14Rob Harris124320494.083
15Anthony Taylor23882912179503.992
16Martin Atkinson3891313253215483.979
17Kevin Friend21174211118303.934
18Andre Marriner3181029272812503.931
19Stuart Attwell100339483913.91
20Mark Clattenburg293960252211453.908
21Bobby Madley92298493553.859
22Michael Oliver24277911239273.831
23Matt Messias45151321703.778
24Peter Jones30100121133.767
25Lee Mason267836132610053.764
26Howard Webb298991171511173.748
27Neil Swarbrick132443294943.742
28Chris Kavanagh49166221823.714
29Michael Jones20164512127413.687
30Roger East91291463333.659
31Steve Tanner268003953.654
32Graham Poll18456618106703.641
33David Elleray551480101983.6
34Alan Wiley25477716148953.524
35Phil Crossley270073.5
36David Coote165210553.438
37Jonathon Moss58175331993.431
38David Pugh154810513.4
39Paul Taylor123501403.333
40Dermot Gallagher12732712124233.331
41Peter Walton1694869105633.331
42Graham Scott57152451893.316
43Chris Foy26171518188593.291
44Neale Barry96263383123.25
45Steve Dunn99275373193.222
46Steve Lodge185301583.222
47Lee Probert18145411195823.215
48Paul Tierney64191122043.188
49Keith Stroud174901543.176
50Uriah Rennie114295173332.921
51Mark Halsey2675855237152.678
52Jeff Winter83196422182.627
53Paul Durkin88195352292.602
54Simon Hooper123100312.583
55Andy Madley61400142.333
56Richard Beeby350051.667
57Konrad Plautz110011.0
58Oliver Langford110011.0

The tables are sorted by points per game. We give one point for a single yellow card, three points for a second yellow card and five points for a straight red

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